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How do I add money to my kids' Greenlight cards?

You can easily add money to your kids' Greenlight cards to be used wherever you designate: at specific stores, at any restaurant, at any gas station, or you can allow the money you send to be spent anywhere. We call these spending rules "Greenlights," and they're easy to set up!

Step 1- Go to your child’s Greenlights page by navigating to the side bar menu, choosing your child's name, and then choosing "Greenlights"

Step 2- Select the plus icon  at the top right of the page or select "Add Money to Card" at the bottom of the Greenlights list

Step 3- Choose where you want the money to go: a specific store, any restaurant, any gas station, or spend anywhere. 

  • If you want to set a specific Greenlight spending rule for a specific store, click "Limit spending to a specific store" and then type the name of the store in the search bar

Step 4- Choose the amount you want to send and click "Send Money"

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