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Can I use my Greenlight card at an ATM?

Yes! You can use your Greenlight card at any ATM with a Mastercard, Visa Interlink or Maestro name or logo. Your Greenlight card can also be used at any international ATM bearing these logos, in countries where Greenlight cards are accepted

  Keep in mind:

  • Many ATMs prompt you to choose an account from which to withdraw funds; your child will need to choose “Checking” or “General Checking”
  • The maximum amount you can withdraw per day is $100
  • Most ATMs charge a withdrawal fee - these fees are charged, per withdrawal, by the banks that operate the ATMs
    • Greenlight does not charge or collect any money from these fees.
  • Since most ATMs charge per withdrawal, make sure you have enough in your “Any ATM” category to cover the total amount you want to withdraw, plus any fees the ATM operator may charge per withdrawal
  • For example, if you want to withdraw $50 from your “Any ATM” category, but you want to withdraw that amount in two, $25 transactions, you will most likely need at least $60 in your “Any ATM” category to cover the average ATM fee ($5), per withdrawal.



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