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Greenlight's "Spend Anywhere" feature gives your children the freedom to exercise responsible spending. Money in Spend Anywhere can be spent -you guessed it- anywhere!

Here are a few key things to know about Spend Anywhere:

1. Parents will receive notifications about purchases made from Spend Anywhere just as they would for purchases made at stores with approved Greenlights.  

2. Allowance money is automatically transferred into Spend Anywhere

3. If your child makes a purchase at a store with an approved Greenlight, but there aren't enough funds in that Greenlight to cover the purchase, funds will be taken from Spend Anywhere to cover the difference.

4. Spending History for Spend Anywhere will look a little different than Spending History for other Greenlights. Since Spend Anywhere funds can be used to cover purchases from approved Greenlights with insufficient funding, you may see entries like, "$5 spent as part of a $20 purchase at Chick-Fil-A."

How to set up Spend Anywhere:

1. Access your menu, located in the upper left corner of your app

2. Choose the child whose Spend Anywhere you want to set up

3. You'll see that your child already has Spend Anywhere set up, but the balance will be $0 until you add funds.

4. Click into Spend Anywhere, and you'll see 4 suggested amounts, along with an editable green circle at the top of the page. Choose an amount, or enter your own amount in the green circle.

5. Click "Send Money," and you're all set!

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