Parent's Wallet & Autofunding


 Your Parent's Wallet is essentially a virtual version of your regular wallet. It's where you store the money you want to add to your kids' Greenlight cards.

To access your wallet:

1. On your parent's dashboard, click "Parent's Greenlight Wallet"

2. On this screen, you'll see

  • The total amount in your Parent's Wallet (at the top)
  • Two options for funding: Autofunding and Add Money Now
  • The option to manage funding accounts
  • The option to view your funding history


To fund your wallet:

Option 1- Autofunding

Autofunding your Parent's Wallet is a great way to ensure you always have funds available without needing to manually add additional funds. 

1. Within the Parent's Wallet main screen, choose "Autofunding"

2. Select the amount of funding you want for each autofund. The bottom right circle is editable should you want to autofund a different amount.

3. Once you've decided on the amount, you'll see 3 additional options below:

  • Automatically add funds each time your Parent's Wallet drop below a certain amount that you set
  • Automatically add funds on the 1st of the month
  • No autofunding


Option 2- Add Money Now

1. On the Parent's Wallet main screen, choose "Add Money Now"

2. Choose the desired amount you want to add, or you can choose to manually enter your own amount 

3. Click "Add Money" and your funds will be transferred. Please note, you have the option to change funding sources here if you have multiple attached to your parent's wallet. Your primary funding source will be automatically populated here unless you change it (which can be done by accessing "Manage Funding Accounts" in your parent's wallet menu) 


Please note that there is a standard, $1 load minimum for Bank Account funding and a $20 load minimum for Debit Card funding. Your Bank Account is the default funding source. If you also have a Debit Card as a funding source, it will be used as a back-up to ensure instant funding in the event Greenlight encounters an issue with your Bank Account transaction.


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