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Approving a Requested Greenlight


When your child requests money for a new Greenlight, 3 things will happen:

  1. You'll receive a notification of their request from Greenlight
  2. A small, yellow circle will appear next to your child's Greenlights tab in the menu of your app
  3. Their requested Greenlight will appear as a yellow (pending) Greenlight on their Greenlights page in the app

To respond to a requested Greenlight:

1. Access your menu, located in the upper left hand corner of the app

2. Choose the child who has requested a new Greenlight (you should see a small, yellow circle next to their Greenlights tab)

3. Choose their "Greenlights" and you will see the requested Greenlight at the top of the page. The requested amount will appear in a yellow circle, and the words "New request" will appear above the store name

4. Click to view the requested Greenlight, and then you'll see the following options:

  • Decline (will decline the entire request)
  • Edit (will allow you to edit the amount you want to send your child)
  • Approve (will approve the requested amount)
  • Return the change to me (will return any change left in the Greenlight at the end of the day of your child's first purchase)
  • Add a comment

5. Once you've viewed the request and made your decisions on approval, editing, and/or commenting, finalize your approval by clicking "Send Money"


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