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Messaging in Greenlight


Greenlight's in-app messaging feature makes it easy and convenient for you and your kids to communicate about money, making spending habits all the more transparent to both kids and parents!

Including messages with their requests will give kids the opportunity to tell parents exactly why they are requesting money, and parents will have the opportunity to ask for details, or discuss purchases with their kids. 

You and your kids can send messages:

  • When requesting or adding money for a new Greenlight
  • When requesting, approving, denying or adding funds to an existing Greenlight
  • Within existing Greenlights
  • Within Spend Anywhere

Here's how:

1. Access your menu, located in the upper left corner of the app

2. Choose the child you want to message, and choose "Greenlights"

3. Scroll through your child's Greenlights and choose which one you'd like to send a message about

4. Once you've clicked into a Greenlight, or Spend Anywhere, you'll see the option to "Add a comment"

5. Type your message in the "Add a comment" box, and then click send,

  • You also have the option here to take a photo, which is great for when your kids want to show you a picture of the item they want to buy!

6. Your messages will be sent instantly, and your child will get a notification right away that you've sent a message.

7. You can also view messaging history in every Greenlight and in Spend Anywhere by scrolling down through that Greenlight's main page

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