Why am I not receiving alerts from Greenlight?

The Greenlight app will send you a push message when:

  • A Greenlight request is approved/denied by parent
  • A purchase is made
  • A purchase is declined
  • Message received from parent
  • Allowance is available

If you are not receiving alerts for these events, consider the following:

  1. Make sure your in-app alerts are turned on:
  • From your main dashboard, tap the settings gear icon in the upper right hand corner
  • Tap on “My Notifications”
  • Review your alert settings - Most likely, the alert you are not receiving has been turned off
  • If any of your alerts are turned off, toggle the alert back to the “on” position, and you should receive that alert going forward.  
  1. Check to make sure notifications are turned on in your phone's settings

If you experience the same problem again, send us a message through the Help center in your app or email us at support@greenlightcard.com.




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