What happens if I need more money than I have in a greenlight?

If the total of your purchase is more than the amount you have in a specific store's greenlight, you have two options:

1. Automatic transfer from Spend Anywhere: money will be taken from your Spend Anywhere greenlight to cover the difference. Your parent will need to enable this setting within your greenlight following these instructions.

  • Ex: If you're making a $20 purchase at a store, but only have $10 in that store's greenlight, money will automatically be taken from your Spend Anywhere greenlight if there are funds available. 

2. Request money from your parent from within the app:

  • You can request more money for an existing greenlight easily by tapping on the greenlight, adding the necessary amount, and clicking "request money." When your parents approve this request, the amount will be transferred immediately. 
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