What is Greenlight?

Greenlight is the next-generation way to give money or an allowance to your children, with patent-pending controls that allow parents to specify the exact stores where a child can spend. It's safer, easier, and more flexible than using cash. Plus, it's the perfect tool to teach your kids about money since every transaction is recorded.

Greenlight combines a free app for the parent with an app and Greenlight MasterCard® debit card for each child that signs up. Greenlight is NOT a credit card--the only funds a child can spend are those the parent puts on the card.

- Limit a child's spending to just a few trusted stores. Or let them spend anywhere.
- Set and pay allowances automatically. No more hunting for loose change!
- Send money to your kids instantly, from anywhere.
- Get instant alerts on where & when your child spends, or tries to spend.
- Review your child's spending by month or store.
- Turn your child's card off if lost.

- Learn to stick to a budget and check balances before spending.
- Request extra money from parents and even include a picture of what the money is for.
- Turn the card off if lost.
- Analyze spending with powerful reporting.

Greenlight costs just $4.99/mo for a family, including cards for up to 5 children. Try it free for 30 days!

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