Unlike anything else: Key Features

Greenlight is the safest way to give your kids money, approve their spending, and prepare them to become financially smart adults. Educating your kids about money is tough, but Greenlight makes it simple to provide teachable moments, even when you aren't with them. Imagine, a safe way for your children to learn from their mistakes with your guidance. 

You won't find a card like this at any bank.

Our unique features, including our patent-pending, store-level controls, are only available with Greenlight. While some banks may offer one item from the list below, Greenlight offers all of them for a low monthly price per family. 

Unique Features

Store Level Controls

Greenlights are permission-based spending rules for specific stores that are ‘green lit’ by parents. For each individual greenlight, parents can approve the amount of money kids have, and where that money can be spent. Don't want to set restrictions? Add money to the "Spend Anywhere" Greenlight and your kids can spend that money where they see fit. 


All Greenlight Cards are fully-equipped EMV chip cards, adding an extra layer of security. If your child is making a purchase at a store that has a chip-enabled card reader, they can simply insert their card into the reader, enter their PIN, and complete their purchase. Each PIN is unique to your child and their card, and be set and reset from the Greenlight app. And, there's no way to tell from looking at a card which stores you've approved so you'll always have added protection! 

Real-Time Notifications

Whether your child makes a purchase, requests money, or sends you a message, you'll receive instant notifications of all activity so you're always in the know. 


Tired of not having enough cash on hand for allowance payday? Automated allowances give you the freedom to 'set it and forget it' so your kids always receive their allowance on time. 

No Transfer Fees

Whether you're transferring money into your Greenlight Parent Wallet or adding money to your child's card, there are no fees associated!

In-App Approvals

If your child wants to make a purchase at a store you haven't approved and they don't have enough money in their "Spend Anywhere" Greenlight, they can send you a request for additional funds in real-time. You can approve or decline the request and chat with your child as needed.

Freeze a Greenlight Card

Lose a Greenlight Card or want to temporarily disable your child's card? No sweat. Simply turn the card off within the Greenlight App. Parents can turn a card on or off at any time instantly!


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