Are there any built in safety features?

Yes! Greenlight is designed to be far safer than cash and alternative debit cards, and includes the following safety features:

EMV Chip and PIN Protection

All Greenlight Cards are fully-equipped EMV chip cards, adding an extra layer of security. If your child is making a purchase at a store that has a chip-enabled card reader, they can simply insert their card into the reader, enter their unique PIN, and complete their purchase.

Each PIN is unique to your child and their card, and be set and reset from the parent’s Greenlight app. 

Biometric Log-in (2nd verification for app-access)

All Greenlight customers use their phone number and password to log into the Greenlight. However, Greenlight offers a 2nd verification option using biometrics or a 4-digit pin number. Opting into this additional security setting will prompt TouchID, FaceID or request a pin each time you try to open the app. 

Cash Back

At this time we block cashback options (aside from ATM) as it overrides the parental controls that we have in place.  

Blocked Categories

We've disabled several categories, including wire transfers, money orders, escort services, massage parlors, lotteries, gambling, and more. Any attempted purchases that fall under these categories will be immediately declined.

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