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How do I set up direct deposit?

What is Direct Deposit?

Do your kids or teens have jobs that earn a real paycheck? Fantastic! When your kids start earning money the hard way, they can learn a lot about how to make smart financial decisions. 

Our new direct deposit feature allows your child’s hard-earned money to be directly deposited onto their Greenlight card.

On payday, your child’s direct deposit will go straight to their “Spend Anywhere” category and they can spend it how they see fit. Still want to help them manage their earnings? Not a problem! You can not only view their balances, but can move the money anytime within the Greenlight app. 

How do I set up Direct Deposit for my child?

To set-up your child’s direct deposit, you’ll need to make a call to our Customer Support team. They are super friendly and love interacting with our families.

You can reach them at 404-953-5925 and they will give you the information you and your kids need to set up direct deposit. 

They're available Mon-Fri: 8AM-11PM EST

and Sat-Sun: 8AM-PM EST

Your child’s first deposit will be made within 1-2 pay periods, on payday. It’s as easy as that!

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