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How do savings goals work? How do I set them up?

Creating a savings goal for yourself allows you to set aside money for a specific purpose and track progress towards reaching that goal.


You can move money into a savings goal from any of your pending rules or categories, or from your general savings without having to send a request to your parent. However, if you want to move money out of a savings goal into a spending rule or category, you will need to send a request to your parent.


If your parent has set a parent-paid interest rate for your savings, it will also be applied to any money in a savings goal, and any interest earned will be deposited directly to that savings goal.


Adding a savings goal:

  1.     Navigate to your “Save” tab
  2.     Tap “Add a Savings Goal”
  3.     Enter a title or description of what you will be saving for
  4.     Enter a goal amount
  5.     Tap “Add Savings Goal” to complete the set-up process


Editing a savings goal:

If you want to change the name or amount of your savings goal, or if you want to delete a savings goal:

  1.     Navigate to your “Save” tab
  2.     Tap on the goal you want to edit
  3.     Tap on the vertical tri-dot icon in the upper right-hand corner
  4.     To edit, tap “Edit goal” – from there, you can change the name of the goal and/or edit the goal amount
  5.     To delete, tap “Delete goal” – please note: savings goals must have a $0 balance before they can be deleted



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