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Instant Bank Verification

How do I add a bank instantly during registration?

Parents can use their online banking login to securely connect either their checking or savings account to Greenlight.

After accessing your Greenlight Parent’s Wallet, here are the steps to link your bank account:

  1. On the ‘Add funding account’ page, select ‘Add a bank instantly.’
  2. Tap on ‘Get started.’
  3. On the ‘Choose a bank’ screen, select or search for your bank.
  4. Enter your online banking credentials to verify your bank instantly.
  5. If verification is successful, choose ‘Checking’ or ‘Savings’ and tap ‘Continue.’
  6. You’ve now successfully added your bank and you will have instant funding from this bank.


Can I add a bank that has multi-factor authentication set up?

You can absolutely add a bank account that has multi-factor authentication. Depending on your bank’s security settings, you might encounter additional steps to authenticate your bank, such as:

  • Entering a security code sent via text or email
  • Answering security questions
  • Solving a captcha

Once you’ve successfully completed the additional step(s), you will be able to add your bank.


What if I can’t find my bank when I try to add it instantly?

If you cannot find your bank, you’ll have the option to add your bank manually using your account and routing number.


How do I add additional banks?

Follow the steps below to add additional banks instantly:

  1. Go to Parent’s Wallet, then Manage funding accounts.
  2. Tap on ‘Add Funding Accounts.’
  3. In the slide-up menu, tap on ‘Add a bank instantly.’
  4. This will begin the process to add a bank instantly, tap ‘Get Started.’
  5. Choose a bank or search for a bank.
  6. Enter your online banking credentials, once successfully verified, select ‘Checking’ or ‘Savings’ and tap continue to add that account as a funding source.

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