What is my "Spend Anywhere" greenlight, and how does it work?

Our "Spend Anywhere" greenlight gives your children the ‘green light’ to exercise responsible spending. When parents add money to Spend Anywhere, kids can spend those funds -you guessed it- anywhere! 

Here are a few key things to know about Spend Anywhere:

  1. Parents will receive notifications about purchases made from Spend Anywhere just as they would for purchases made at stores with approved greenlights.  
  2. Greenlights have an overage option, where parents can opt-in or out of pulling funds from Spend Anywhere if a certain greenlight doesn’t have enough money to complete a transaction.

For example, with the overage setting turned ON, when a child goes to make a purchase for $6 at Target but their Target greenlight only has $5 in the account, the additional $1 is deducted from their Spend Anywhere account so that the purchase is not declined. If this setting is turned OFF, the purchase is declined.

How to set up Spend Anywhere:

  1. From your Parent's Dashboard, tap on your child's card to access his or her "Spend" tab
  2. From your child's "Spend" tab, tap into their "Spend Anywhere" category
  3. From there, you can choose from 4 suggested amounts, or enter your own custom amount.
  4. Once you confirm the amount you want to send and click 'send money', the funds will be transferred to your child's card.

How to setup overage coverage for a greenlight through Spend Anywhere:

  1. From your child’s dashboard, tap on the ‘Spend’ tab, then tap on the specific greenlight you’d like to move funds into.
  2. Under ‘Add Money’ you’ll see ‘Settings.’
  3. Simply toggle the “Pull overages from Spend Anywhere” to turn ON the functionality, and that’s it! You’re all set.
  4. To disable, simply toggle the switch to turn it OFF.
  5. If you are creating a new greenlight, this setting will be automatically turned ON when you complete set up, but you can disable it at any time.
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