How do I log into my Greenlight App?

All Greenlight customers use their phone number and password to log into the Greenlight. However, Greenlight offers a 2nd verification option using biometrics. Opting in to this additional security setting will prompt TouchID or FaceID each time you try to open the app. To enable this feature, head to your Settings tab in the Greenlight app. If you don’t have biometrics on your device, you also have the option to require your password each time you log in. 

Is there more security I can add to my app so my child can’t log into it?

Yes! Greenlight offers a 2nd verification option if you want a little extra layer of security. Normally once you log into your app, you’ll stay logged in. With 2nd verification, you still stay logged in, but to access the app you’ll need to verify you’re you with either Touch ID, Face ID, or by re-input your password. 

Please note: right now this enhanced login is only enabled for iOS users, but this is coming soon to Android!

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