Greenlight Family Rewards

What is Greenlight Family Rewards?

Greenlight Family Rewards is an exclusive Greenlight member benefit we are piloting that provides parents and kids (upon approval from parents, of course) unique offers and rewards at no cost to Greenlight families.

How does Greenlight Family Rewards work?

For parents:

If you’re included in the pilot, Greenlight Family Rewards can be found in your app at the bottom of your home dashboard. (Note: Not all families will see rewards at the same time. We want to make sure we provide the most relevant rewards to each family.). You can click through from your Home Dashboard to view the full list of rewards available to you and your family. This is where you can click to redeem parent rewards or accept rewards for your kids.

For kids:

Kids will not see any rewards in their app (or have access to any rewards) until they are approved by a parent. Once a parent approves a child reward from their app, that reward will be available to each child on their account (regardless of whether their child has an app or not).

If your child has an app, the Greenlight reward will appear in their dashboard on their Spend tab as a banner above their spend information. They do not need to opt-in to receive the reward, all they have to do is swipe the card at the location for the amount the reward is for, the reward will then automatically appear in their spend dashboard as a ‘greenlight’ for that store.

Why don’t I see Greenlight Family Rewards in my app?

We’re piloting a new rewards program exclusive to our Greenlight families, Greenlight Family Rewards.  Not all families will see rewards at the same time. We want to make sure we provide the most relevant rewards to each family.

Greenlight rewards are also only available for a limited time. Once a reward expires, it will not show in your account.

How do I add Kids’ Rewards to my child’s card?

Go to your parent app and scroll to the bottom of your home dashboard. Here you can see the brands that have offers available to your family. Click on the brand icon to see the offer details page. On the offer details page, you can review and opt-in to the offer. The reward will be applied to your child’s card and they will automatically be rewarded once they fulfill the spend requirement with that brand.

What if I have more than one child on my account? Who gets the rewards once I accept it?

Kids’ Rewards will be distributed to each eligible child on your account once you accept the reward in your app. For example, some rewards have minimum age limitations so they might not be available to all of your kids. Limitations can be found in the details of each individual reward.

Can I accept a reward for one of my kids but not the other?

Once you accept a Kids’ Reward it will be available to all eligible kids on your family’s account. In the future, we may support Rewards on a per-child basis. 

How do I redeem a Parent Reward?

Redeeming a parent offer is super simple.

  1. Open the Greenlight app 
  2. Review rewards at the bottom of your dashboard 
  3. Tap on the reward you want to redeem
  4. Select the option to open the merchant reward or decline
  5. Once selected to open the reward, you will be redirected to the merchant’s website to redeem.

Will my child be able to redeem a Kids’ Reward if they don’t have an app?

Yes, as soon as you accept the child offer from your (parent) app, the offer will be applied to your child’s card. As soon as they fulfill the offer requirement, the reward amount will also be automatically applied to their card. Once the reward amount is applied, you will be able to see the reward as a ‘greenlight’ on the spend tab of that child’s dashboard.

All kids can now access the app on phones, tablets, or smart devices; no phone number is required. Just head to that child’s settings and create a username and password for them so that they can track account balances, monitor spend, and watch their savings grow.

How can I see what rewards my family is opted into?

From your app, you can click into one of your child’s dashboards and see the rewards they are opted-into as a banner above their spend information in their spend tab. Once they fulfill the spend requirement, their reward will appear as a ‘greenlight’ on their spend dashboard. 

Do you show rewards to kids in their app?

Kids only see rewards if and when parents have approved them from their app.

Is my personal information shared with merchants?

We do not share any personally identifiable information with Greenlight Rewards sponsors. 

Can I redeem the same offer multiple times?

No. A Kids’ Reward can only be redeemed by each child in a family once. A Parent Reward can be redeemed once by each parent on your Greenlight account.  

Do parents and kid's offers expire?

Parent rewards are good through a certain date, which is specified on the reward detail page. 

Kids’ Rewards have expirations associated with them to meet the terms of the offer. For example, a reward may be accepted by a parent that expires by 3/15. The child has until 3/15 to meet the terms of the offer (Typically Spend $X, get $Y). If the terms are not met by 3/15 the offer will expire and your child will no longer be eligible for the reward. Once the reward has been redeemed the reward is permanent and will never expire.

Do parents and kids see the same offers?

Parents and kids do not see the same offers. Parents have access to Parent Offers and can see all available offers for kids. Kids will only see offers that parents have approved for them to use.

If you believe you've qualified for a reward through eligible purchase but haven't received it, what should you do?

If you do not see your reward, please contact our Customer Support team at

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