How do I set up Round Ups?

Kids who have the app will automatically be prompted to set Round Ups when they make a transaction, and will have the option to select always, never, or yes. Parents and kids can both manage Round Ups from the Save tab of the app. 

  1. Click on the Save tab.
  2. Click on the Round Ups button to take you to the Round Up Settings page.


  3. From the Round Up Settings page, you can choose what frequency you want Round Ups to occur.
    1. Ask before transferring - This will prompt a notification every time you spend asking if you want to round up for the transaction you just made.
    2. Always round up - Every transaction will automatically round up to your general savings
    3. Never round up - Round Ups will not occur with this option chosen.
  4. Once you have chosen which option works best for you, you are good to go!
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